Are you obsessed with Mt Everest?
Check the items that apply to you
I visit the message board at least twice a week.
My pet's name is after an Everest Climber or glacier
I know when Mallory was discovered
I have a wall/book shelf dedicated to Everest
I have more than one Everest web-site bookmarked
I own more than six Everest books
I own at least one Everest poster
I collect expedition t-shirts
Think about it at least once a day
Went to Nepal to see Everest
Know the date of Mallory's death
Know the date of Hillary's summit
I take quizes like this one.
I have Everest wallpaper or screensaver on my computer
Count down the days till the next expeditions start
Check the Everest TV listings every month
Search eBay for "mount everest"
Named at least one child George or Edmund


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